Hey, There!
I’m Myniowska.

I’m always looking for a place for myself. I keep putting everything off for later, then I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. My logic, sometimes, can only be logical to me, but somehow I manage in this world. I persistently fight mosquitoes and transport. I hate when things don’t work. I have no patience with people. I like to do everything myself. I am looking for someone to teach me to delegate!

I love palm trees and I love to travel! I also love to eat – although I still hear that I look like I have anorexia.

Champagne for an aperitive, good wine at the sunset, tanned skin, sand between toes, wind in hair, goat cheese salad – that’s how I see it!

I am looking for a balance in life, but when life goes too slow, it seems not to be working either!

Understand the man here!


Life is Life

“2 mistakes you make: you care what they think, and you think that they care”

It’s a Lifestyle


Work With Me