Once upon a time, in a small village in the south of Poland, a baby was born. The baby grew and the girl could become anyone she ever wanted. So she tried many things. She had her ups and downs. She was surrounded by family and friends but suddenly she decided to leave her comfort zone and start moving from place to place to find the right one to settle. To find true happiness. Did she finally find a place she liked? Did she finally settle?

But who would like to read all these details – let’s skip it to the good part!

And on the way to get everything she ever wanted she meet some people who asked her: If we would tell you we will make you a prince for a day would you go with us?

The question could seem rhetorical, maybe even discourse – you might think. I was thinking, of research (on Instagram mostly) but I was wondering how the hell they could do that?! Would day make a queen adopt me? Will they give me all the wealth? Will they offer me a track of chocolate? Will they give me all the gold? I was imagining all the scenarios (I was not a princes ever before.)

A day we’ve all deserved.

But I went for it. I went blind.

They gave me the most beautiful dress. They’ve asked to smile and watch the sunset. They’ve asked me to enjoy the moment and they shoot. (They shoot photos not bullets, you idiot.)

And they kept the promise! They made me feel like a princess. They made me believe that nothing is impossible. They made me feel like I am in right place they said everything I wanted to hear. (Well done you.) 

Not further than 1 year ago I had the pleasure of being a part of a half-day photoshoot hosted by an amazing couple who is based in Mallorca.


They really do the magic with their cameras and their vibe is purely energetic.

I had the luck to be a model in the greatest sunset photo shoot in one of the greatest islands in Europe wearing a customizable and literally flying purple dress.

The dress was stunning and matched perfectly the spot which has been chosen for this amazing photoshoot.

Any time I have a weak day, I return to these pictures and videos to feel better and if I have to be honest, it always makes me feel better.

Think about the work you do every day, going to the office, raising your children, building your business, and reward yourself with this amazing day when you’ll feel like a model no mether what you do, where you are from, or how you look like.

Maliwna and Michal will make you feel comfortable, elegant, feminine, stunning, and …. alive.

I could not be more thankful enough for the moment they gave me. I will always have it in my memory.

Don’t be mistaken, they not only focus on this aspect. They do much more. Check their site @happinessmodecom and follow all the happy stories and photoshoots they create.

The truth is that happiness is inside us. No matter where we go or how much we earn we will never find it until we look inside us and we won’t try to light our inner light.

Soo go find the things you love and work hard to achieve your goals but don’t forget about the way and enjoy every single moment.

Believe me, I have a tendency to exaggerate things but not this time. It was a moment I’d become a princess for a day and now I am growing to become a queen of the united state of my own mind.


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