Sa Calobra

The most beautiful creation of nature in all of Mallorca. The most spectacular sight that can be seen.

As everywhere else here, in order to admire this spectacular view, you must follow a winding route. If you are not an experienced driver, I recommend choosing a different type of transport. You will get here by boat that departs from Soller Harbor. You can also use the services of a local bus. The road is very winding, steep and has many challenges. If you do not feel too confident behind the wheel on a new route, use the services of others and save yourself the stress.

From the very beginning, this place is shocking with its landscape, when it suddenly turns out that what we are seeing is just the beginning of a real spectacle. To get to the beach itself, we have to go through a tunnel carved in solid rock.

On-site, we see an isthmus to the sea, between two high rocks. It raises a lot of oohs and aahs, probably rightly so, because the view is breathtaking.

If you are a collector of unforgettable moments then Sa Calobra should definitely be on your list.

The micro town itself is not a gastronomic paradise, so I recommend a picnic on the beach. You won’t satisfy your gastronomic alter ego here, but that’s not what we’re here for.


You can also go hiking in the Torrent de Pareis to get there. However, remember to be well prepared for such a trip, take appropriate clothes, water and food with you. The trip takes about 6 hours and is recommended only between May and October.

When preparing for such a trip, check the weather conditions and the slope of the terrain. Remember! It is not the easiest route to follow. The views are delightful.


Rock, and a tunnel in the rock

When a human doesn’t go against nature, and is able to aesthetically adapt his needs without destroying what our mother has built.

A short tunnel carved in the rock will lead you to the beach. Beautiful views and an unusual experience. This is what Sa Calobra has to offer. 



The point of the view

To the west of Sa Calobra Bay, we find a town with this very name. This is where we find a small port, urbanization and several commercial spaces.

The easiest and most convenient option to get to Sa Calobra is by sea. The shipping companies organize daily departures from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra or Cala Tuent.

The journey takes around an hour and takes place along Majorca’s rugged Sierra de Tramontana coast. Without a doubt, if you are traveling with children or with someone who easily gets motion sickness on the road, this is your best option. Moreover, you can enjoy breathtaking views.



Sa Calobra

Places worth visiting

Cala Sant Vincent 

Being on this side of the island, it is worth visiting this lovely beach and stopping for something to eat. I can recommend the Windsurf which is located on the main street. Delicious seafood and sangria made our day. The fantastic ending and lots of moments to remember.

Santuari de Lluc  

This monastery is one of the most visited places in Mallorca, both by locals and visitors from all over the world. There is also a museum there.

The museum was inaugurated in 1952 with the archeology section. In 1984, an exhibition of contemporary painting and sculpture was incorporated into the Museum.

There is also a gift shop and a cafe with local delicacies where you can sit and eat.



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